Misc Updates

The first update that I am happiest about is my internet has finally been restored to a working and reliably working condition.

Second, and I am sure you know already, that some ‘Important Gun Control’ legislation was voted down. Naturally, the President expressed remorse and such that the senators would vote down what he said 90% of people want.

Considering that the senators are supposed to represent the people and their opinions, I’d hazard a guess that voting it down means that a majority of people don’t support gun control, and the senators want to keep their jobs.

So Mr. President, about your question of what we should say to those senators?

I think a hearty ‘Thank You’ is appropriate.


And the Police One report came back, including questions for Law Enforcement Officers about if they thought gun control would work and reduce crime. The answer? 95.7% think bans on magazines above 10 rounds and on ‘assault weapons’ will do nothing.

The report can be read in full here.

Of course, violent crime rates are dropping which is conveniently ignored by the people trying to sell gun control. Information crime is the big one now, stealing personal information and money electronically involves less danger than murder and can be easier to get away with (since a person committing electronic crime is more likely smarter and thus more likely able to evade capture.)

But hey, nobody is going to say they should ban computers because of what someone may do.


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