New Sons of Guns

I will admit it, I was visiting a friend and we turned on the T.V. to encounter a NEW season of Sons of Guns. Yup, the cancelled show of the shop that apparently lost its FFL is back!

All I saw was them shoot a tank destroyer at some various things (including a few cinderblock walls made of uncemented blocks. Real impressive that.)and then accidentally set off a smoke grenade inside the vehicle. Naturally everyone saw the smoke and ran to save the guy in the tank destroyer. Only one person was actually smart enough to shout at everyone to wait, which if there was a fire and any ammo in it, well… do the math, as unpleasant as it is.

Then they can’t find barrels for some rifles, Vince opens a shop that also does gunsmithing, and a Solothurn gets brought into Red jacket for some work, despite the fact that they are overwhelmed already.

And naturally, faked explosions happened as they shoot stuff. I saw the end of one episode and the start of the next, and I’m not really sure I should watch more.

However, if I do, I can start nitpicking and get a takedown done and see just how many of their old tricks they are up to. Still better than the outright lies of American Guns.


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