MrColionNoir is still awesome

feel free to return to your everyday scheduled lives now after viewing his point.

It’s like the guys who say incredibly sexist things, yet they can’t possibly be sexist because they argue for women’s rights, and if you aren’t with them, then you must be against them and hate women and all of that*. Disagreeing with some people seems bad enough, but then being different in some other way, and then they just can’t look past that, and yet they can’t be racist because they fight for equal rights across all races. Unless you disagree with them.

Here is a radical idea: if you oppose an opinion on something, fight against the opinion, NOT the person. Attack bad laws with evidence and counterarguments. Don’t sit there making fun of the person.

Maybe if a child molester was trying to pass a bill lowering the age of consent, pointing that out would be relevant. But ignoring someone because of their skin color instead of expressing your opposing view? That makes you racist, and a bit rude too.

*Relevant quote, cut down a bit:

“I’ve spent a lot of time working promoting feminism and gender equality, so if you’re going to call /me/ a bigot, you’re being quite rash.”

Thanks to the Prim Dolls blog for having such a post that illustrates the point magnificently.


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