Tracking Point Video

New video from Tracking Point on how good their rifles and system is for shooting at moving targets and from moving helicopters and such. It’s actually quite impressive, so I suggest watching it first.

Okay, so they shoot hogs running from a helicopter. I can see that then being a very useful tool to hunters trying to control populations of wild hogs and such.

Now, this may be me being cynical, but shooting from a moving vehicle at a moving target seems like it would also be something they would try to market at military and police, especially at the price.

And yet, I fail to see the major advantage of this rifle. A long range shot from a moving vehicle is very, very hard, yet this rifle makes some of the calculations faster… but someone skilled enough to shoot at that level probably already has a $20,000 rifle that has none of the expensive electronics and most likely, all of that money went into making as good of a rifle system as possible.

So honestly, for those that seem like they might most benefit from the system, I as someone who is not that skilled fail to see how it woudl provide a major benefit to someone of that level of talent.


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