Weekend semi-wishlist

For this wishlist, it’s both a wish and a non-wish.

What would be cool to own is a basic 3D printer, Make Magazine had a very good comparison article on a whole bunch. I liked making 2D metal cutouts and some 2D shapes that would get folded or welded into 3D sculptures, but the idea of actually designing a shape in three dimensions to start with then having it made on the machine is really cool.

But what I don’t want is the plastic pistol or AR base. Look, building a firearm for personal use is already legal, so why not just make one out of the proper materials? Even if society collapses I can find more durable materials such as metal pipe in garbage cans, why use plastic which then requires a very low power cartridge so as to not have it explode as soon?

Honestly, if I spent the several grand on a 3D printer, I would have a LOT more useful or interesting things to print than an ugly plastic pistol that fires a single shot in a remarkably ineffective caliber and will explode after not a whole lot of rounds.

Like 3D models of any of the hundreds of things I want to make so I can see how well they physically fit together in small scale so corrections can be made in the model or corrections can be made before building a full scale one.


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