This, just this.

Some comments on the video:

I believe inter-familial transfers such as parent or grandparent to child or grandchild do not require the whole PPT mess, but I have not done such a transfer, so I am not an authority. The laws are actually convoluted enough that flowcharts exist over on CalGuns to help you determine if your AR will be legal. It needs to not be of a specific name on the receiver, then you need specific series of parts and such to remain legal.

Also, where do I find the sheriffs that are apparently against the NFA and work to revoke it and other federal restrictions as they mentioned? I want to move there, or at least see if my local sheriff is against those laws.

A very good video though to get an idea of what you have to put up with in California… and when you see the people who live there, a good example of what people get used to… and what people just ignore, unless crime disappeared from Stockton and Los Angeles yesterday. Oh wait, they still have the gang problems.


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