AR vs AK

Why does it seem everyone has to do the typical AR vs AK and do a bunch of tests, some people still arguing M16 vs AK47?

Honestly, if one were definitively better than the other… the other would not exist. Are paper bags or plastic bags better? Obviously, it depends, or there would ONLY be paper or plastic, the other choice wouldn’t exist as it would be inferior in all situations.

AR vs AK comparison, okay everyone, let’s go jump the shark with rocket powered jetskis in hopes that such a comparison will bring lots of attention to us. Maybe if people compared some interesting thing, but they always test the same few abilities.

Honestly, if you’re going to compare guns, why not various muskets, or perhaps something other than the same video or blog post or range report almost everyone else has done. If you insist on it still, at least try to make it funny, since there are already far too many dead serious AR vs AK comparisons by people wanting to be presenters on the History channel.


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