I fail to ‘get’ yet another product

Apparently now they have arrowheads you get that you put a .357 magnum round in and which subsequently explode when it impacts something.

First, bowhunting is supposed to be fairly stealthy, and that isn’t. Secondly, that is sort of illegal to do if you’re bowhunting. Third, it appears the head is destroyed by the bullet firing, due to it not being made of gunsteel.

Okay, bowhunting is a stealthy thing. You have a bow and have to sneak up quite close to the animal in order to be able to make a shot, then you have to be able to track it or be an excellent shot with a bow. Okay, it’s not on the level of blowgun hunting, which has puny darts and incredibly short ranges, but it still has every bit of stealth offset by the rather loud bang as the arrow impacts something.

Pretty much any area with a bowhunting season will also not allow the use of pistol or rifle ammunition in the taking of game. In other words, bullets aren’t arrows or bolts.

The destroyed thing is sort of unavoidable. If it was strong enough to be used again, it would be made of heavy steel to resist the cartridge firing. If it did that, it would be prohibitively heavy and cause issues with the arrow flying. As it is, that would be a bit more weight than I want on an arrow, a super light broadhead tip can be used more than once and is far smaller and far lighter, giving better range and more predictable arrow performance. The other thing I would worry about is it possibly destroying the arrow shaft when it explodes, not to mention their video shows it being loaded by dropping a round in and screwing the case onto the arrow. Now, either you hold a hand in front of the round to screw it on (bad) or you hold it from the sides; which if the part explodes instead of firing a bullet and surviving, gives the same effective thing of screwing essentially a small bomb onto the thing that makes it go bang.

With no trigger or apparent safety, screwing it on is basically looking like a small slip would result in a bang and loss of a hand. Given the rules of firearm safety, I wouldn’t TOUCH one of those arrowheads as it seems like a recipe for disaster.

If you want something that will survive more than one use and fires a bullet, just get a bang stick like they use for sharks, those at least have a safety and aren’t shot from bows in illegal ways.

So anyways, a ‘revolutionary new product’ seems to be more of a ‘play Rambo since this isn’t legal to hunt with and each gets used once.’

It wouldn’t even be fun at the range, since one of the great things about bow practice is that you grab practice heads and the special foam block or even a bale of hay and shoot at a target stapled to it and then can go and retrieve your arrows and use them all again immediately since they didn’t blow up.


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