Tracking Point ‘Croudsourcing’ new rifle

They say crowdsourced, but it’s really more of a ‘we will take a poll and that will end up being the next release instead of you all actually getting to help design from an unlimited set of choices.’

It’s a poll, not croudsourced, except they say they WILL make the winning choice, not consider making it, which is quite nice.

Your choices are: A semi-auto or a bolt action in: 5.56 NATO, 300 BLK, 6.5mm (unspecified), .243 WIN, .270 WIN, .30-06, .25-06 REM, 7mm REM MAG, .375 H&H.

Actually, one of those seems like a spectacular choice: according to wikipedia (it’s even cited!):

Unlike what is seen in most calibers, many .375 H&H rifles also achieve nearly the same point of impact over a wide range of bullet weights at all commonly used distances, further simplifying a professional hunter’s choice in selecting different grain bullets based upon the game hunted.


I would say that with a round that is predictable in performance unlike very few other and remains a popular and effective hunting round for larger game might be a good choice, because let’s face it, at the cost of one of the Tracking Point rifles, the only people who can afford them are rich big game hunters.


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