Biden is at it again

Well, if I am entirely honest, he at the very least was at it again, this time suggesting that any sort of violent media be taxed. Presumably, just movies and games, despite many many books and other written works containing much greater levels of violence.

Presumably, they are also going to tax anything sexual too and send to money to some other groups or something, since we all know that guns and violent games cause violence and pornography causes…. uhm, something.

You know, it’s for the children, to save them from the crime rate that is steadily decreasing. Honestly, how many of these ideas get thought through? I thought the liberal party was supposed to be the one full of the artists and such, with them wanting to save the arts… any form of the arts from censorship or extra taxation.

Anyone who has done even passing research can tell that scientific research has found violent video games don’t carry over to real world violence. people tend to be able to separate fantasy from reality. Same as people who go to the shooting range to shoot trap with friends don’t then drive home and shoot at everything they pass, and yet mass media portrays them that way.

And then of course we get some absolutely idiotic laws, like places trying to push through microstamping or smart guns. The problem is, putting tiny bits of metal on an already small part leaves very brittle pieces of metal that get ground down quickly or snap off, and that means someone would get arrested because a part made way too small broke as would be expected, and they never knew because the letters and numbers are too small to easily read. As far as smartguns go, those don’t yet exist. But luckily, the Aliens movie has, oh sorry, wrong smartguns.


</end obligatory commentary of current events>


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