This is loving ridiculous

An android app for geotagging (the big words now!) the homes of people where someone SUSPECTS there may be unsafe gun handling. Naturally such a thing is useless since it is based on suspicion, not facts and shows the stuff publicly. It really is the equivalent of having an app that lets you mark homes of people suspected as being too old to drive or of having too many children or some other loving ridiculous thing.

The interesting thing is that the website of the developer is one of those places where I can’t tell if they are trolling or if they really are that naive to think ti would work. Also, their android app has a 1.1 star average, with some of the first reviews I looked at being people saying things like ‘someone marked this, why did they do that?’ and other things that show the uselessness of the app.

However, it does mean you might be able to easily find new range buddies if the information could be trusted at all. The question remaining though is just how many politician’s homes will be marked on the app, since quite a few have carry guns and are vehemently anti-gun rights.

Gently caress the person who made this if they actually thought it was a good idea and are serious.

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