Grey is the new black

Apparently grey is the new tactical black as long as it is in a darker shade, yet still light enough to be grey. At this rate, in a decade or two the new tactical guns will be white and only suited to operating in winter operations.

Given that battleships and such used to be grey and are again, I think someone will have the be the lone one out and go for the dazzle coating on their firearms. After all, instead of low drag whatever, dazzle made it harder to get a good guess of range with certain optical measures. After all, it worked for HMS Argus and other ships until rangefinding improved, but at least dazzle has a more exciting history than flat grey.

They will never be able to figure out what way your gun is facing nor be able to easily identify the end the loud noised come from if you do the dazzle right. If I had some photoshop skills I would make up a dazzle pistol of some sort, but I don’t and will leave that to someone with talent.


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