I’d snark about this, but I’d rather not this time

It seems Heckler & Koch is in some major financial trouble. Debts are exceeding their income and they posted a 20 million Euro loss recently. I admit as someone who doesn’t own a large company that finances aren’t really my area of expertise, but you would think losses exceeding profits is one of those things to be avoided and planned to deal with very very quickly instead of making forecasts that stuff will improve in the future.

I’m avoiding any further comments or snark that could be made. Honestly, hopefully Heckler & Koch doesn’t go down as a company. Love them or hate them, they are a major player in the industry and their loss would be sad and probably have a big and likely not very positive impact. Remember, it was H&K that was the company that was previously trying to get people to write about sporting use of their weapons (Which is why I failed to graps the major hatred of H&K), they were the company that was really on the side of gun owners, and their loss would be sad.


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