Greatest rifle cartridge around

Since I had a lack of ideas I figured I’d jump on the bandwagon and tar and feather whoever it is the majority dislikes, or just jump on the bandwagon and argue about why some rifle round is the greatest rifle round ever in all of creation.

Every person without an understanding of firearms would say the 50BMG because it’s the biggest rifle round they know and even the shockwave of it passing near someone will take an arm off. I like to think I’m okay at exaggerating what people say to show the insanity of it, but I actually heard someone say that and argue it with conviction. Some say the 5.56mm NATO, some say the 7.62mm NATO, some say pretty much everything.

This sentence is where I handwave away the “it depends” statement since what cartridge to use depends on the use, otherwise there would only ever be one round for every rifle ever.


So, the greatest rifle round in my opinion ever made is: the .22 rimfire. Hold your horses there and listen, instead of jumping to the comments.

It has probably the worst penetration, least utility for defense, lowest pressure, muzzle velocity, etc etc etc of any rifle round. BUT, and this is why I say this, it’s a cheap round to shoot, cheap to get a gun for, and the low recoil means that most everyone who learned to shoot started out with one. In my opinion, being the cartridge that introduces the most people to the world of firearms counts for something. They learn to shoot on that, and what you end up with is ideally someone interested in firearms and who is involved in firearms or the firearm community someway. Think of all those people who are pro-gun: those who shoot learned somewhere and in all likelihood, learned on a .22.

So that’s why I call it the greatest, it’s done the most for shooting as a whole and introduces the most people to the sport. I wouldn’t start my kid off on a 12.7x99mm round, I’d get them a .22 rifle and start by teaching them there. And those of you who are parents or grandparents are probably recalling having done so or nodding agreement since you are doing so or intend to do so. And if it gets a loved family member into shooting and gives them a new hobby and you two bonding time, isn’t that then the greatest?


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