What is up with Kel-tec?

So MAC gets a KSG and this happens:

But Hickock45 got a KSG and this happened:


What on Earth happened? Does Kel-Tec just not have a QA department or even just a guy to shoot the guns a few times before they leave the factory? Or is Kel-Tec busy partying it up and drinking on the job, or what? Look, even the huge mass-produced guns are more reliable overall. Is this that smaller company appeal too, hand made products instead of being stamped out by a reliable repeatable machine?

Given the difference, why would I want to risk money on the small company? At least a larger company producing stuff on automated machines will be of repeatable quality, instead of the hit and miss Kel-Tec seems to have.

From the videos, it seems like they are like my local KFC: you go there knowing it’s a gamble as to what you will get and if it will be usable (edible) or utter garbage.


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