Good and Bad News: I’m not yet dead

Normally I’d say I hate to disappoint, but in this case I can’t say I am too bothered if someone is disappointed by that.

But let’s bring about an end to this overtly long and unplanned hiatus with some news and commentary.


To start, the NRA is having a banned guns raffle, so depending on where you live you already know there is no point in entering. They have numerous prize choices including an AR-15, a SCAR, an AR-15, an AR-15, a SIG522, an AR-15, an AK STYLE rifle, not an actual AK base, a Tavor SAR, a Remington Model 700, an AR-15, and surprisingly, another AR-15. Oh, and a Winchester Model 70.

Well, some of these AR-15s are extremely radical and do something like have a camo coating on them, or maybe a gas piston.

Which really is only like a not very exciting male singer doing a cover of a not very exciting song by an unexciting female singer. At the end of the day, it’s still very generic and unexciting.

Yes, i’ll say that applies to the model 700 as well, it’s pretty much the same as when it was first introduced.

To be fair to all of those, they are good rifles and the model 700 is extremely good, they’re just well developed and a little dull.

People are turning the AR-15 platform into every conceivable caliber and even using the lower receiver on extremely large rifles. Modularity is nice, but why not just design your own part specifically for the job, especially considering if you use the AR-15 receiver on a 20mm rifle, you’ll still have things like the magazine well and other parts that just are not needed.

It seems that every startup company also goes “We’ll build an AR-15! That’s nice and safe!” They might not be building Olympic biathalon rifles, but why not distinguish yourself and do something crazy and new if you’re going to be a startup?

Time to finish off that rant at the lack of originality on the AR-15 by going and buying one, because they are good rifles with a design that has been steadily improved over the years. maybe I’ll be a little different and go for a clear coating and make the grip, shroud, and stock out of carved redwood with a clear varnish.


Oh, and in good news, the Senate and House have been showing resistance quite openly to the Arms Trade Treaty according to the NRA. Even better, the resistance to the ATT is bipartisan. So honestly, a round of applause for the Senate and House for both parties being able to work together on something.


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