Flower Shells: Really?

Well, thanks to browsing Geekologie and the Firearm blog, I encountered this indiegogo project from a design firm.

If “indiegogo” and “design firm” didn’t ring the alarm bells already that it will be either a useless thing, won’t exist, won’t work, or will be stupidly uptight or crazily eco-mental (a bike that contains grass to filter out CO2, but not enough to actually remove what the rider exhales, and yet they insist it will save the planet, anyone?)

This time however, it is a shotgun shell packed with flower seeds.

Imagine a shotgun shell that gives life instead of taking it. Imagine fields of meadow flowers and sun flowers, Imagine gardening as something fun, Imagine a shotgun shell filled with flower seeds.

Okay, the first half is fairly typical eco-mentalist and design firm word spewing. The second bit, gardening with a shotgun I am okay with. I mean, it’s planting flowers, and I really doubt the seeds will survive being shot out of a barrel by exploding powder (hint: most seeds don’t like heat.) But gardening with a shotgun, now that would be fun. You could remove weeds, prune trees and othe-oh, Top Gear already did that. Spoiler alert: it didn’t work.

Going further down the thing, it’s of course be a designer/artist at an innovation studio, and they misspell lead. Of course, they just modify an existing shell and then design the all important logo for it. Don’t forget the time coming up with all the “spread life” sayings and quotes about design and the importance of design. “A growing art project” ha ha.

It’s from a place that developed exciting things like: a rocking chair that charges a tablet, an indoor cloud, and a flying lamp. naturally, those all and this fit into their stated idea of creating products that radically change the world. I wish i was making that up. My thought is that $50 for four shells won’t change the world.

Honestly, I know some designers, both industrial and design firms. They’ve designed products, ads, signs, vehicles, and other things. I don’t mean these kinds of impractical or high concept designs, I mean things like bus ads, billboards, surgical machinery like lasik, and that sort of thing. I personally like design-take something, make it look good and easy to use. Practical design that helps people. I don’t get these impractical out there ideas where people just ignore everything about what won’t work as well as science so they can say they are saving the world (like the bicycle with grass in it that will filter all the co2 that cars emit according to the designer but doesn’t contain enough grass to do anything at all.)

The only thing I can think is that this is just a joke.


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