General News, or Calguns is filing to get rid of the CA Assault Weapon Ban

Do I really need to say why this is important and that they should win this?

The court filing states that plaintiffs seek “injunctive and declaratory relief against Defendants [Kamala Harris and DOJ] that the California Penal Codes and Regulations defining Assault Weapons are unconstitutionally vague and ambiguous and therefore result in wrongful arrests and seizures of lawfully possessed/owned arms.”

Quoted right from their news update about the case, the full update is in this post from them. If the saying “As California goes…” has any truth, then getting rid of that ban in California should be a major victory that would make any further cases much easier to win. After all, a pro rights victory in liberal California….

Also, Calguns and their amazon affiliate idea is crazy good since you can effectively donate while getting any regular amazon shopping done, as opposed to them having to run a store selling merchandise.


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