The world is doomed because the police are militarizing now unlike before!

Or, you know, it’s a lot cheaper to send surplus vehicles to the police when the military no longer needs them as opposed to taxpayer bills of $500,000 for the military one and then a few more hundred grand for the police one.

And it’s not like it’s been a recent idea, if anything compared to the predictions of yesteryear it’s really tame. Look at that cover, that thing has a gun room, what seems to be a workshop, a radio room and a conning tower like thing with a mounted gun and camera.

So compared to past ideas about a free roaming gun bus, things don’t seem that bad at all.

Then again, why not stir up some fear? If anything, the actions of the NYPD with random stops and frisks not to mention their amazing aiming-no sorry, what is that other word…

Or you know, the whole Judge recently ruling the NSA is totally allowed to wiretap American citizens without a warrant despite that being the law. Don’t worry, the rest of us still have to follow the law, but they’re above it.


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