So what’s in the news?

Well, as a part of firearm safety you don’t want to point the muzzle of a gun at things you don’t want to shoot. Which is why tucking a pistol into your waistband is probably not the greatest of ideas without a holster.

Of course, some of that gets ignored, and some people come up with even more creative solutions to concealing a pistol. And while I’m on the topic, I wouldn’t suggest a pistol as a sex toy if the report is completely true. The reasons behind that I shouldn’t even need to mention, honestly.

On more exciting news that I want to mention (look, California trying to ban something isn’t news at this point, is it? That’s all it seems like our legislature ever does) TrackingPoint has announced an AR series of rifles with their system! They expect prices to start at a near enough makes no difference $10,000 ($9,950 to be exact) and…

Well, I have to be honest, I thought black was an overused color but it’s a plain black Ar and I honestly found it looking pretty good. The scope unit is big, but it’s not a really weird or off balance shape, and the stock mechanism along with unit back there looks pretty good.

Delivery is supposed to start October 2014 and you can apply to order one from this link. And I have to admit, after seeing the AR I do want to try one out, although I lack the 10K for one.


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