Piers gets the axe

That’s right and good news everyone, Piers Morgan is losing his show and is gone, hopefully for good. Thankfully Jeremy Clarkson took to twitter to really make sure the point got across and all wounds were properly salted.

It’s interesting it took this long since Piers managed to really annoy or outright anger virtually every group in the US, from gun owners to trans people.

Actually, since the whole pro LGBT movement is more left than right politically, let’s talk about that one more, especially since Piers was supposed to be a left(er) show and host.

As you saw if you read the link, which did a much better job than I will do talking about it, Piers had a trans activist on the show, then proceeded to have a meltdown when his behavior got called out as transphobic.

Of course he then had to go and dig a bigger and deeper hole and tell everyone else the issue was with them.

So he hates gun owners and hates anyone trans, among the rest of the people in the US. I’d suggest he move back to the UK since he hates it here and all the people here, but the whole issue of him forging photos of war crimes probably makes him not want to go back.

What an unpleasant man, I am glad he doesn’t get to spew his bile towards anyone on that mockery fo a show anymore.


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