New 12.7mm Bullpup rifle!

It turns out a new 12.7mm bullpup rifle has hit the market in Canada at least, and it isn’t really that terrible looking. Roughly $15,000 (seriously, $14,999 is so close to $15,000 it basically makes no difference) and since it’s a Canadian supplier, I’m going to hazard a guess that the price is in CAD, making it roughly $13,500 USD, which is a pretty neat deal.

As far as specifications, the GM6 Lynx is a 12.7mm semi automatic bullpup rifle with a long recoil action. Apart from the Chauchat and plenty of semi-auto shotguns, this would be to my knowledge the first long recoil operated rifle in a very long time. That should, unless well compensated make it a little bit of a handful to use.

That is the photo tactical imports uses, and while it’s a little chunky the overall appearance isn’t too bad. I wouldn’t call it the best looking 12.7mm bullpup ever made, but looking up the maker of it (which seems to be Gepard) their military supplied version is better in a way.

It’s basically the same, but with a little less blockiness to the shape and a lot more tan, and it is a bit better at the scope mount, the lack of the full length rail no longer makes the scope look like it is rammed down flush with the rails, and looks like it would allow mounting a larger diameter sight without as large or tall mounting rings. Either way, both look much better than that Serbu 50 or other bullpup that seemed to be made of bits of plywood or lego blocks from its appearance, and it looks to be far more available for someone to buy as well, both of which are a plus.

Long story short, congratulations Canada for getting this!


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