Ready to get both angry and amused?

Perhaps, reader, you may recall Sen. Leland Yee from his attempts to do things like ban video games for people (resulting in them becoming declared free speech) or perhaps for his stance on gun control.

Well, good news! It turns out he tried to take bribes in exchange for official acts, luckily these were from FBI officials and he has now been arrested for fraud AND firearms trafficking!

Well done on that gun control Yee, it sure stopped people from-oh, wait. To ask a non sarcastic question, what kind of person champions for certain laws and then goes out and specifically breaks them? Was he hoping to get a bunch of stuff to use for scare tactics and claim people can buy those illegally so they need more laws?

The foolishness of whatever thoughts led to this arrest make me desire to not even ponder at the motives.

Full news from the Department of Justice here: California State Senator And Chee Kung Tong Dragonhead Among Twenty-Six Defendants Charged In Federal Criminal Complaint.


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