NRA Gun Gurus

The NRA somewhat recently announced a new show to be premiered on the Outdoor Channel called Gun Gurus. Honestly, I had to sit down and think about what that show would be like, because I know how reliable my imaginings are in comparison to actually reading the email they sent. If I’m being entirely honest, it means I will be really far from reality. So, Gun Gurus; that sounds like there will be experts on guns or giving advice about guns. Maybe it will be some experts doing reviews of guns. With any luck, it will be like Top Gear but with guns. A host or hosts, reviews, news, and crazy challenges; maybe even a Star With a Reasonably Priced AR (on their range).

I don’t think I even have words for how much I would watch that if they did that. So, having set myself up for disappointment, I opened up the email and discovered it will actually be a show where a couple experts from the NRA Museum will tour around and basically go to people with old guns and tell them what they are worth. It’s more Antiques Roadshow but where the experts come to the people.

Assuming you like old, odd, and unique firearms, I will recommend that show hesitantly as it will likely have all of those things appear at one point or another.

The standard link to the show website at the Outdoor Channel is here. And the NRA has a post on their blog about the premier episode right here.

Now all I’m left doing is wondering who to email about a Top Gear but with guns instead of cars (or if you insist on properness in a show, firearms instead of automobiles) and where I should send my résumé.


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