Gun Restraining orders-seriously?

CA FFL and various other groups have just recently sent big warnings via email on this, so I really should report it becase this is probably one of the worst ideas I have heard that was said in a serious manner. Essentially, it’s a restraining order resulting in firearm confiscation for any reason really. Someone doesn’t need a cause or danger to file one and there is no penalty for abuse, so someone who just dislikes someone could file a restraining order on them provided they live in California and have their firearms confiscated and be barred from ownership.

The biggest problem is that the bill AB 1014 eliminates legal concepts like “due process” and “innocent until proven guilty”. Given that those legal concepts are some of the backbones of our legal system anything that compromises either should be never allowed to pass. It doesn’t matter if it’s firearms or a vegan salad, words said or things thought, sentences typed but never sent or thing read on a forum; nobody should be liable in a way that circumvents due process and innocent until proven guilty, as the loss of those is effectively asking for abuse of the legal system. Even better, given how many things this would affect, it could be argued that it goes against the Second, Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth amendments to the US Constitution.

Of course, since there is no repercussions for abuse of AB 1014 I guess if it does pass, someone could just file restraining orders on every anti-rights politician in California who has a permit, concealed or otherwise since there is no repercussion for that. Then of course the inevitable lawsuits to overturn that bill would also happen, so if someone really wanted to abuse it against the people who made it they’d have to be fast. I really don’t condone that happening but with or without me saying it, assuming such a bill passed I’d be surprised if nobody did that.


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