Oh, Chicago. You… Just You.

A lawsuit filed by the Illinois branch of the National Shooting Sports Foundation challenging the ban on gun stores in Chicago resulted in the judge ruling that the ban on gun stores was unconstitutional and that Chicago would have to pay almost $1,000,000 in legal fees to the lawyers who won. The lawyers submitted their bill for the Attorney general to pay, at which point the Attorney general is refusing and fighting that, saying the fees are “inflated” and that the NSSF didn’t win.

Apparently Chicago’s Attorney general doesn’t realize that good lawyers cost a lot of money and that a judge deciding in favor of one side and making a ruling on a case means that that side won. I personally would hazard a guess that the reason they don’t understand that or the lawyer fees are maybe because they are a bad lawyer, especially with evidence suggesting they don’t know how a legal case is won.  My second guess would be massive cognitive dissonance or being willfully obstinate.


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