BattleZiP SBR

Remember the ZiP pistol, that tiny little gun chambered in .22 that jams, fails to feed, fails to eject and requires cocking by pushing a plunger over the barrel that is as long as the barrel? Well, there is good news! The company that makes it has released a stock kit to turn it into an SBR. I’m not sure how that addresses the main problem, but I’ll leave being hard on ZiP to everyone else.

The pistol requires a rail accessory to fit onto the SBR stock as well as the registration as an SBR (the NFA needs to die) and then you are ready to go! For convenience the ZiP can be detached and turned around for storage on the stock, which I personally think is a convenient touch. Plus, the stock has a storage pouch on the one side and holds a spare magazine in it, which doesn’t look terribly easy to get at as opposed to pockets or regular magazine carriers. The best part about this is none of that, though. Looking at the ZiP page for the stock there is a “coming soon to”, meaning this stock will soon  be purchasable through Amazon. Talk about a way to get people interested in guns, or who have guns interested in SBRs and such, hopefully leading to them being politically active, just sell the parts for the SBR conversion on a website that is seen by such a huge number of people.

For the rest of it, well, just look at it! It takes the funky looking ZiP and makes it into a full on blocky spacegun and embodies every bit of spacegun design. It might actually look worse when you add the suppressor kit, which I feel like I should mention: they have a threaded barrel kit for adding a suppressor onto it, and no .22 suppressor I have found really looks that great on blocky spaceZiP, which is what I am now calling this.

I also need to thank ZiP, because at $179.99 for the stock (plus the fees) along with the $24.99 rail and $199.99 for the ZiP, it makes a really affordable spacegun and extremely affordable entry into SBRs. The reason I need to thank them though is they made me want to buy one of them now. That price for the whole setup and the use of basic Ruger magazines along with that aesthetic make it something that ends up on my wishlist. At most I would slap a Zeiss Z-Point red dot sight on top of the stock and that would really be it. The best part is at $599.99 the Zeiss would be essentially as expensive as the whole gun itself, although the Zeiss will run its red dot off of the small solar cell while in sun so it doesn’t drain your battery.

Time for me to start saving up about a grand (as I can’t be bothered to add it all up currently) to be able to snag a spaceZiP and a Zeiss red dot.


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