Feinstein is back!

CISPA has now returned with a vengeance, this time allowing the NSA even more access to private information and  giving companies that share the private data with the NSA legal immunity, regardless of their legally binding EULA that also says they will never share your information.

Here is the bill hosted from Feinstein’s senate website. I linked to her page as it seems she is the biggest proponent and supporter of the bill, plus it adds in that extra bit of this is the person who wants the NSA to be able to examine all of your private details and have it be legal.

However, please let it also be noted that Feinstein is the one who had major issues when her group had data collected on them, but she still supports data collection on everyone else. Perhaps not all politicians think the laws and government spying should only be done on the little people, but Feinstein sure believes she is above all of us. The interesting thing is given how California has things like Recall, that the fairly liberal people you’d expect to be fans of an open and free internet haven’t tried to pull her from office. At the very least it would be surprising if she gets re-elected.

Even though an argument is “if you’ve done nothing you have nothing to fear” but the issue is the morality of it. Why should it be legal to violate the privacy of anyone who isn’t a politician? There is no warrant or anything required, which we have laws about. Checks and balances exist to make sure there is reason to investigate and reason to examine anything private about someone. Why should that be violated? Even ignoring any sort of slippery slope idea, it destroys the checks and balances of the legal system.

Further resources:

[1] Washington Post: Senate intelligence panel advances cybersecurity bill.

[2] Electronic Frontier Foundation.

[3] Sunlight Foundation: Pro-CISPA forces spend 140 times more lobbying than opponents.

[4] Online petition to encourage voting against CISPA.

[5] I don’t know who your representatives are, so I cannot exactly give you the names considering readers from every state show up here. Whoever it is, they are a good resource: write, call, or email to encourage them to kill this bill as soon as possible.


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