Good Luck on That

Now given how annoying and restrictive gun laws are and the rumor floating around that something like, oh say the Hughes Amendment was voted against but mistakenly recorded as being voted for and passing, what we as gun owners really need to do is start a strong legal push to take these laws back and to educate people. There are people that believe bullet buttons stop rifles from being fully automatic and that people can just buy machine guns but need a bullet button.

A strong effort to push back and research into that rumor to sue as a possible way to get that law overturned if it was not legitimately voted for would be what is needed, so the best way to start is by making an online petition on the White House site!

Sorry, I got lost now. What exactly have online petitions done other than either create a bunch of emotional drama over a subject (including petitions to have Zimmerman found guilty, which ignores the entire legal system) to every petition on various topics on the White House site? The petitions they don’t agree with aren’t even used to learn that people might be opposed to something or disagree with a policy, they just look at the few petitions that don’t agree with their philosophies and reply with “haha, sucks to be you thinking you could influence something.”

The NRA, 2AF, Calguns, The Pink Pistols, and other organizations are fighting the legal battles. Petitions show you’re invested only enough to just sign a piece of paper. Why not take some more action instead of just a passive gesture? If you can’t afford to donate or don’t fully agree with the organizations, write letters. If you can’t afford that many stamps, send emails or make phone calls. One person calling their representatives to express their viewpoint does a lot more than signing a petition, as your representatives will never really know their constituents support or don’t support something based on a petition they never see.

The ideas of this petition are great, and I personally dislike the Hughes Amendment. Personally, I’ll call my representatives and let them know my opinions on existing bills. It gives them a name and a voice; it gives them the knowledge someone they represent has an opinion and will take the effort to voice it to them.

Plus, it can really help if you thank them for things they voted for or against that you agree or disagree with. A “hello Senator X, I was calling to voice my thoughts on Y bill and this is why I think that it’s good/bad [choose one]: blah blah blah. I also wanted to thank you for your support for/opposition to z bill.”


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