Remember Gun Disassembly 2?

Finally, the problems from Gun Disassembly 2 have been fixed with World of Guns: Gun Disassembly. The bad camera controls and imprecise selection of the tablet, phablet and phone versions have been replaced with a free to play version for PC, available for free via Steam. The terrible camera has been replaced with right click to slide, left to pan and tilt and the scroll to zoom. Selecting parts is now the exponentially more precise mouse pointer.

The game also includes shooting ranges, constant updates and new gun models, support for both Engish and Russian, and Steam achievements in addition to basic in game achievements.

Compared to 2, WoG uses an experience point based system, where once you have enough points you can unlock the next model on a branching tree system. Guns get more expensive the further along the tree you go, and they only show you a little in advance what guns you could unlock, making finding the one you want that has yet to be revealed effectively guesswork. The game also includes a purchasable point system to allow you to buy the extras such as skeletons, motorcycles, and cars. Compared to 2, WoG also includes a BMP-3 and a HMMWV for the low low price of 50 credits for the BMP, or $8 USD. The bonus models are only able to be bought through steam DLC or in game purchases of credits, you cannot unlock them with experience. In addition, the experience is greatly slashed and every time you achieve something the game shows your earned experience 9a flat score, thankfully) and reminds you that you could get 2.5x that if only you bought a booster. Boosters last only about an hour and cost about $3. Of course, if the depressingly slow rate of gaining experience annoys you, you can do the gun identifying quiz, where they show you a gun at the worst possible angle and in about one shade of grey, making identification purely based on outline and ensuring you will make mistakes on some of the models, which results in an instant fail and earning none of the experience you had built up from the correct questions.

Luckily, for only $49.99 USD you can buy the lifetime access which unlocks all current and future models, and they say they will release 2-3 models per month which you will have for free. If anything, while it seems like a blatant cash grab, the $50 for a wide variety of guns to learn the basics of assembly and disassembly as well as a fairly interesting puzzle game requiring solving 3D puzzles and figuring out order of disassembly for the perfect score may well make it worth the price.

They say it’s high quality models, but they’re honestly pretty rough. Either the models are not of the highest quality and/or the developers don’t have a 3d modeler, or they simply are terrible at topography of a model. I’m not asking for Star Citizen render levels of quality, but something that isn’t so rough as to elicit a response of “are they even trying with the textures and models?” would be nice.

Finally, the game wants some really weird things done for assembly or disassembly. On the AK model, I was trying to get the perfect achievement on assembly, and one of the tries resulted in me failing it because I tried to put the gas block back onto the rifle before I put the spring back in the magazine. It slashed the perfect score off, notifying me it was the wrong part. I had failed that achievement so I clicked hint, at which point it told me the correct thing to do was reassemble the magazine. In super game that would have been even more annoying, as wrong part click would have lead to an instant loss entirely. That oddness isn’t limited to just the AK model, as several other guns do the same thing. however, I have had good luck tricking it by disassembling a piece at a time, pulling each into sub-assemblies and individual parts before moving onto the next section and reversing that for assembly, resulting in only having to snap together a few pieces to complete the assembly.

For the cost of free however, it can be a pretty good puzzle game or learning game to cover firearm assembly and disassembly. Less blatant grabs for money would be nice and the quiz working like any actual quiz would be nice as the current way just feels like a “screw you, maybe you should just buy some experience instead” especially due to the fairly poor images of the guns used. If you find yourself enjoying the game I would recommend the lifetime access DLC, as the more models they release the better of a deal it becomes, and it will save you from having to worry about earned experience for the next unlock and allow you to enjoy your puzzles/guns. Hopefully they add a lot more guns and especially uncommon ones. Browsing Forgotten Weapons and adding models of effectively every gun on that sight would be perfect, as how often would I get a chance to disassemble a 37mm Hotchkiss, a Throneycroft carbine, or any of the development rifles that lead to the M1 Garand? Odds are I never will even see one of those, so adding in such models would be a nice touch for the firearms enthusiast as well as for the puzzle fan, as finding hints in the form of an assembly guide would be notably hard.


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