Weekend end wishlist: pack rifle edition

Single shot rifles have some appeal. They are lighter in weight and have a greater simplicity, making them ideal for use as folding or take apart rifles for packing places or survival uses. They can help conserve ammo and can be fun things in their own right.

One rather interesting pack rifle is the Chiappa Little badger, a railed skeleton stock folding pack rifle that collapses to 16.5″ and has a nylong carry bag that isn’t identifiable as a gun bag, unless you’re already familiar with Chiappa or the Little Badger. it has adjustable sights and Picatinny rails, including one rail behind the trigger housing that isn’t actually following any standard. It has an attachable pistol grip that holds the cleaning supplies and weighs 1,33Kg or 2.93 Lbs. For the roughly $150 USD it costs, it’s a pretty good price, although the threaded muzzle calls for a silencer which is uneconomical for those in the US. Those who don’t have to deal with NFA fees for silencers, adding one to this rifle would be a bit more economical.

But there is the slight issue where according to an Italian poster over at AR15.com, Chiappa is the fuddiest of fudds and is quite happy to help restrict the ability of the Italian people to own firearms. That $150 is a good price, but you would be supporting Chiappa after than, and they do have cited reliable sources including the recorded votes.

On the other hand, there is a pricier yet far nicer alternative. Mountain View Arms makes the exquisitely machined if unimaginably named Pack Rifle. At $425 USD for the rifle, it is a tougher pill to swallow. However, it has an accessory laser and scope mount (or scope mount with preinstalled scope) as well as a collapsible fishing rod that can be bought and put inside the stock of the rifle, meaning for $90 more you can take down your pack rifle and then fish with it.

Aesthetically, it looks like this:

The body rotates open instead of collapsing forward, and the front half comes off to take it down. The trigger pull is fairly heavy, but it’s more of a striker fired rifle than the hammer fired Chiappa Little badger. The best part of this gun isn’t just the machining job, or the build quality; it’s the weight. If you’re the kind of person who pulls the cleaning rod out of your AK-pattern rifle and puts mattress foam in your plate carrier to save weight and counts the ounces of every accessory, the 15.5 ounce weight (0.43941761Kg, 0.96875lbs) is just insanely light.


In the end, the unimaginative yet pretty good looking pack rifle gets on the wishlist and a recommendation to check one out if you’re in the market for a pack rifle, don’t mind spending extra money and would rather not support Chiappa. The rifle with the fishing kit covers two pieces of gear in a compact and light package, and for those that need it, the .22 scope or scope mount and laser are quite affordable and add useful functionality.


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