Not For public Release

Something seems to be off about the statements in the opening of that video.

Apparently video games are bad because you don’t get the strength to load an M1 Garand, but perhaps with how surprisingly common they are in even modern FPS games, perhaps if the kid had ever played one he would know how to load an M1 as he would have seen it done, even if not perfect or ideal, the process would be known.

It could also just be me, but perhaps the best way with a beginner shooter or someone unfamiliar with the gun and trying it for a first time would be to show the various steps and not go “Does that look right? No, you did that wrong. No, that is wrong too. Fix this.” as that might have a better chance of the person shooting actually having fun instead of just being turned off from it.

Then again, I’m pretty sure this channel also has video of the son crashing on a motorcycle and no help being given.

Just-just why.


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