Wishlist Wishmaster of Weirdness

The sooner I can work through talking about random stuff I want, the sooner this novelty or arguably travesty of an idea can end.

For the special this weekend, the gun of choice is a CVA Electra. An electrically fired muzzleloader, it has zero lock time and potentially a far better trigger than any conventional rifle or pistol. The accuracy potential would be greater if this was a bolt gun and not a front stuffer. Obviously, the correct answer here is to go nuts pretending there is no budget and make the craziest range toy ever.

To that effect, the first thing it needs is a front mounted bipod. For this, the oddity that is the extremely adjustable Sierra Bipod with Raptor Claws would be perfect in aesthetics and off the wall craziness. That would cause the loss of the front sling mount, so a BLACKHAWK! Adapter and BLACKHAWK! single point sling for mall ninja tacticoolness, as well as making every mall ninja convulse at a front stuffer with a single point sling. The fact that BLACKHAWK! is fun to say, or rather shout if their name is anything to go by is really the only reason they got chosen, along with laziness in finding a supplier making both an adapter and single point slings. Additionally, it would require some custom DIY work and a spare battery door, but making a battery eliminator so range time can be enjoyed without having to actually buy 9v batteries for it.

One rifle with a tacticool sling and a bipod, what could be forgotten-a scope! For starting fun and due to the limited range of a frontstuffer, an EOTech 517 would be a decently priced starting scope, costing roughly the same as the gun which costs roughly the same as the bipod, making it a balanced cost system if the sling is ignored. At some point in the future a Raytheon W1000 would be the best accessory ever, as while the ATN Thor-2 had a daylight camera and a power adapter, you only got a choice of one or the other. The Raytheon scope is not just higher quality compared to Another Tactical Nightmare, but allows use of both external power and an external high quality display while being a ruggedized mil-spec uncooled thermal scope made by a reputable maker. The loss of the daylight camera is a small price to pay for quality and having a gigantic sight mounted on the craziest tacticool front stuffer ever, even if the end result will make both mall ninjas and fudds convulse as they try to figure out to hate it or love it.

And what fun is a fun gun that was built for fun if owning it isn’t fun in and of itself, or the very existence of it fun?


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