Nobody is coming for your guns!

How many times has that been said? How many times have they said that when implementing some registry? How many times have people said it is of dubious honesty?

Well, turns out New York police are apparently demanding records of people who bought anything under the SAFE act from various gun stores. This isn’t yet full on confiscation, but why are they pulling the records? Why did they consider a swat raid? Why is New York City such a terrible place to live with obscene prices for everything and asinine laws that make a two liter soda illegal?

Hopefully nothing worse comes out of they NYPD demanding records, like dozens of random innocent people being shot up because they have a car that slightly looks like one a gun owner does, or being killed because they were near where some gun owner the NYPD wanted to shoot (and the NYPD are pretty much only good at hitting bystanders when they aren’t having NDs thanks to their incompetence and duty guns having 12#+ triggers).


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