Silencerco Infographic


It’s amazing how in the US you so rarely hear people bring up any European countries with allowed or encourages silencer use. Even I believe France allows people to simply buy them since they’re useful safety equipment, no special license or permit needed. They probably are even disposable there, as opposed to here were a $200 fee to beg for your rights might allow you to own something, so they end up being things people try to keep maintained and working as long as possible.

And yet, those who like to argue the US needs to follow the European example refuse to believe silencers are allowed there, or don’t know about it at all, or they ignore those countries for the comparison. Way to pick and choose, just like they tend to love to accuse others of doing.

Seriously, it’s a silencer. Suppressor is more apt since they aren’t truly silent, but considering the very first Maxim Silencer was called the Maxim Gun Silencer, I’d imagine they have a bit of a history as that name. For added fun, the guy who invented them apparently also invented the car Silencer, except we call that a muffler now even if silencer is better.


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