Apparently MDA swats people

According to this article, members of MDA have decided that the best answer to stuff they don’t like is calling the police and lying about what the person is doing, ideally with the end goal of getting that person shot.

So they plan to “solve” the fact they don’t like guns by having people with them shot by other people.

Irony, as well as decency, manners, respect, self respect and a generally likable personality or decent appearance are the least that these people are missing in addition to all brain cells a human should theoretically possess. Also apparently it’s totally okay to lie to the police so they execute someone you don’t politically agree with.

In fairness, MDA itself isn’t officially supporting this but they have not done anything to put down the people willing to violate the laws in attempts to get people they dislike killed or arrested for something that did not happen.

I realize they demand action, but given how extreme they go, they should try something other than having people executed. Perhaps anal since they’re demanding action that much.

Remember MDA, it hurts less than being single.


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