Four dealers file suit against the CA attorney general

According to CalGuns news, Tracy Rifle & Pistol has filed suit against the CA Attorney general over second amendment res-oh sorry, this one is over restrictions of First Amendment Rights, which I guess is a given considering how California can be.

The suit is due to the fact that it is illegal for gun stores to advertise in a way any passerby can see that they have handguns for sale due to a 1923 law, however there are no restrictions on anyone else using handgun terminology or imagery in a publicly viewable way, just stores are restricted providing they sell them.

They are joined in the case by CalGUns, the Second Amendment Foundation, the California Association of Federal Firearms Licensees, and the stores Sacramento Black Rifle, Ten percent Firearms, and PRK Arms, as well as a few business owners. People also helping on the case include a UCLA law professor specializing in First and Second Amendment cases.

Given how the law basically bans truthful and honest advertisements while simultaneously allowing anyone not advertising to use the same images/text/ad slogans has me thinking they have a really good case, in addition to wondering why the Attorney general is still in office and what sort of thing they have done right, considering how often they seem to be getting suit filed against them.

More details can be found at this link to the CalGuns press release.


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