And things change yet again

ATF has now said that the SB15 brace is not allowed to be shouldered. Instead of the intent when building that defines something, it’s now how you use it that defines it. Next firing a gun too fast will make it a machine gun. It’s strange that they now say pistols can’t be shouldered and are designed to be fired with one hand, considering most pistol techniques now are based on two hands, and if you were motivated you could shoulder a stock Glock although it would be painful.

So now SB15 braces are getting dumped onto the market for cheap. In a way, it makes sense given videos and forum posts were basically all “I can make an SBR without paying the stupid tax” and the ATF isn’t that stupid as to let something that obvious go. More malicious than stupid, so I guess everyone making those videos and posts are lucky their houses aren’t on fire and their pets shot.

Secondly, in other changes, the Hughes Amendment is under fire, and the government has filed their response. Apart from the spelling errors in it, it basically sums up as the absolute worst counterargument ever, it basically sums up as “oh please dismiss this we know we’re in the wrong and will lose this”.

But let’s be honest, even with new machine guns being illegal for civilians didn’t stop Yee and Holder from buying them and selling them to other criminals or giving them to drug cartels, so it’s not like the government will have a hard time arming random gangs in other countries if the Hughes Amendment deservedly gets eliminated. maybe if things go really well the NFA will go away too, given that taxes like poll taxes on the exercise of rights aren’t allowed.


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