I don’t even want to know how long it has been, really

What is the latest news? CA yet again trying to disarm everyone who lives there, people in Congress staging a sit-in protest because they couldn’t strip away the due process part of tearing rights away from people, and more.

How much are they being paid to have the gall to publicly state they need to get rid of due process?

None of that is a good idea, regardless of which party is in power, they will use the lack of due process to strip whatever rights they want from the people they disagree with. The idea alone should have people on both sides trying to get their representatives who supported removal of due process thrown out of office. Instead, some people are cheering their actions. Thanks, identity politics; you’ve been nothing but a terrible idea.

In actual gun news, it seems OSS has a test done by themselves that shows them beating SureFire, while SureFire says actual military tests show their product being better. Honestly, any company conducting a test of their own product versus others isn’t to be trusted, same as the car company that pulled fuses to disable the AWD in a competing car to showcase how good their AWD system was in comparison. On the other hand, OSS could have the better product. I’ll probably talk more about their stuff at a later date given the uniqueness of their design in comparison to baffles.

Hopefully with this, I’m cured of the depression of the constant assault of living in this state and will be back to snark, criticism, and strange wishlist items.


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