With the HPA becoming a thing, the last thing everyone needs is yet another self important blogger who thinks they are all that telling you why it will be the best thing ever or why it will be the death of shooting because all they do is take their remchesterby durr rifle out once a year to bag a whitetail and who needs a suppressor for that. Be a man and take the hearing loss or something, because tinnitus is just that fun.

This is the part I don’t get: people who would be positively affected by a pro gun rights thing pushing back against it. Trying to keep the perception of a hobby as only hunters for sport and sustenance. Trying to keep everyone else out of their secret club and to stop anyone else coming in who might be interested. It’s as if they don’t even let themselves enjoy their interests in fear of some mythical person coming through their door and demanding their bolt gun because those are now banned. It’s this idea that people opposed to arms don’t want to disarm them too and that they can be appeased.

Now, enough digression: I did want to cover a nice bit of the HPA, and that would be airgun suppression. See, airgun suppressors are legal because they are not rifle ones. Except they might not be if it could be removed and put on a rifle. But does removed mean unscrewed, or cut off the welded suppressor and drill it out? It’s not allowed to suppress a rifle: does that mean it can’t suppress the shots plural, or does that mean if it explodes on the first round but makes it a tiny bit quieter the law is broken? Is there a maximum durability they have to be before they become firearm suppressors?

It’s odd in a way, firearms laws effectively screwing over anyone with an airgun (which get plenty loud as well) despite it not being covered by arms law. Either it’s unintended consequences, or intended consequences of moral panic.

Also, in other news, seriously, fuck Springfield Armory and RRA for selling out state dealers for a cushy exemption to the law. Just go and stab your customers and the people selling your products in the back, that will work out well. People are still boycotting Ruger for what they did, and Springfield + RRA thought this would go over well with the public?


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