I don’t even want to know how long it has been, really

What is the latest news? CA yet again trying to disarm everyone who lives there, people in Congress staging a sit-in protest because they couldn’t strip away the due process part of tearing rights away from people, and more.

How much are they being paid to have the gall to publicly state they need to get rid of due process?

None of that is a good idea, regardless of which party is in power, they will use the lack of due process to strip whatever rights they want from the people they disagree with. The idea alone should have people on both sides trying to get their representatives who supported removal of due process thrown out of office. Instead, some people are cheering their actions. Thanks, identity politics; you’ve been nothing but a terrible idea.

In actual gun news, it seems OSS has a test done by themselves that shows them beating SureFire, while SureFire says actual military tests show their product being better. Honestly, any company conducting a test of their own product versus others isn’t to be trusted, same as the car company that pulled fuses to disable the AWD in a competing car to showcase how good their AWD system was in comparison. On the other hand, OSS could have the better product. I’ll probably talk more about their stuff at a later date given the uniqueness of their design in comparison to baffles.

Hopefully with this, I’m cured of the depression of the constant assault of living in this state and will be back to snark, criticism, and strange wishlist items.


Let’s come back from the dead

After how long has it been, a year? Two? Three?

It’s been a surprising number of computer issues, net connection troubles, blog post program troubles, moving, house issues, and now another move in the works, I’ve been neglecting the blog substantially.

For those people who started reading this blog before they were born and somehow did not die of old age after setting records for longest lived people, well, the sarcasm, guns, snobbery, humor, comments, wishlists, and all of the rest will be returning.

Well, Brady died

You’ve seen the news elsewhere that Brady has finally died. genuinely, given what happened to him and how he spent his life after having gotten shot, I genuinely wouldn’t wish that on anyone. It’s overkill and just gives people someone who they can parade around as a talking point, and that person isn’t capable of expressing any interest or lack of in the thing. They get to be a puppet for whatever talking point.

Now that he passed away in a nursing home, his death has been ruled a homicide and he’s now going to get pushed as a ‘gun death’.

I wish I could make this stuff up.

Minor test, update, and some cleaning

As a part of getting back into the swing of things, some minor housekeeping was in order. I added a small bit to give warning about future things such as SOPA and PIPA, mostly as I am a big supporter of a free internet. SO yes, I’m biased and am showing it since my personality doesn’t consist of the sole bullet point: guns. The horrible mass that was on the bottom has also been condensed, as that all was set up for a sidebar type theme, but while I like this theme (especially due to the low cost of free) it lacks such things as a sidebar, so it has been reduced in scale.

So, Zimmerman Can’t File a Libel Suit

According to Legal Insurrection, the judge ruling over the case he filed against NBC dismissed it because his victim status made him a public enough figure to the point where NBC can doctor things to make him seem racist and get away with it, in other words, libel is okay against him!

Of course, when NBC did doctor the call log for the air he was not YET well known and the court case wasn’t that big of a deal until it was made into one by the selectively edited call records. So he’s a public figure because they edited the call to create controversy and manufactured the public figure.

Without wading into the legal muck, mostly because I am a lawyer, I’m instead left to wonder why NBC edited records instead of just reporting the news as it happened. Perhaps it’s not as lucrative as editing stuff and then constantly reporting on it with a bias to get constant views you can run ads to and eyes you can sell to advertisers, but whatever happened to “X happened at Y time on Z date and that is all the details we have” before moving on to the next topic?


NRA Gun Gurus

The NRA somewhat recently announced a new show to be premiered on the Outdoor Channel called Gun Gurus. Honestly, I had to sit down and think about what that show would be like, because I know how reliable my imaginings are in comparison to actually reading the email they sent. If I’m being entirely honest, it means I will be really far from reality. So, Gun Gurus; that sounds like there will be experts on guns or giving advice about guns. Maybe it will be some experts doing reviews of guns. With any luck, it will be like Top Gear but with guns. A host or hosts, reviews, news, and crazy challenges; maybe even a Star With a Reasonably Priced AR (on their range).

I don’t think I even have words for how much I would watch that if they did that. So, having set myself up for disappointment, I opened up the email and discovered it will actually be a show where a couple experts from the NRA Museum will tour around and basically go to people with old guns and tell them what they are worth. It’s more Antiques Roadshow but where the experts come to the people.

Assuming you like old, odd, and unique firearms, I will recommend that show hesitantly as it will likely have all of those things appear at one point or another.

The standard link to the show website at the Outdoor Channel is here. And the NRA has a post on their blog about the premier episode right here.

Now all I’m left doing is wondering who to email about a Top Gear but with guns instead of cars (or if you insist on properness in a show, firearms instead of automobiles) and where I should send my résumé.

Piers gets the axe

That’s right and good news everyone, Piers Morgan is losing his show and is gone, hopefully for good. Thankfully Jeremy Clarkson took to twitter to really make sure the point got across and all wounds were properly salted.

It’s interesting it took this long since Piers managed to really annoy or outright anger virtually every group in the US, from gun owners to trans people.

Actually, since the whole pro LGBT movement is more left than right politically, let’s talk about that one more, especially since Piers was supposed to be a left(er) show and host.

As you saw if you read the link, which did a much better job than I will do talking about it, Piers had a trans activist on the show, then proceeded to have a meltdown when his behavior got called out as transphobic.

Of course he then had to go and dig a bigger and deeper hole and tell everyone else the issue was with them.

So he hates gun owners and hates anyone trans, among the rest of the people in the US. I’d suggest he move back to the UK since he hates it here and all the people here, but the whole issue of him forging photos of war crimes probably makes him not want to go back.

What an unpleasant man, I am glad he doesn’t get to spew his bile towards anyone on that mockery fo a show anymore.

Flower Shells: Really?

Well, thanks to browsing Geekologie and the Firearm blog, I encountered this indiegogo project from a design firm.

If “indiegogo” and “design firm” didn’t ring the alarm bells already that it will be either a useless thing, won’t exist, won’t work, or will be stupidly uptight or crazily eco-mental (a bike that contains grass to filter out CO2, but not enough to actually remove what the rider exhales, and yet they insist it will save the planet, anyone?)

This time however, it is a shotgun shell packed with flower seeds.

Imagine a shotgun shell that gives life instead of taking it. Imagine fields of meadow flowers and sun flowers, Imagine gardening as something fun, Imagine a shotgun shell filled with flower seeds.

Okay, the first half is fairly typical eco-mentalist and design firm word spewing. The second bit, gardening with a shotgun I am okay with. I mean, it’s planting flowers, and I really doubt the seeds will survive being shot out of a barrel by exploding powder (hint: most seeds don’t like heat.) But gardening with a shotgun, now that would be fun. You could remove weeds, prune trees and othe-oh, Top Gear already did that. Spoiler alert: it didn’t work.

Going further down the thing, it’s of course be a designer/artist at an innovation studio, and they misspell lead. Of course, they just modify an existing shell and then design the all important logo for it. Don’t forget the time coming up with all the “spread life” sayings and quotes about design and the importance of design. “A growing art project” ha ha.

It’s from a place that developed exciting things like: a rocking chair that charges a tablet, an indoor cloud, and a flying lamp. naturally, those all and this fit into their stated idea of creating products that radically change the world. I wish i was making that up. My thought is that $50 for four shells won’t change the world.

Honestly, I know some designers, both industrial and design firms. They’ve designed products, ads, signs, vehicles, and other things. I don’t mean these kinds of impractical or high concept designs, I mean things like bus ads, billboards, surgical machinery like lasik, and that sort of thing. I personally like design-take something, make it look good and easy to use. Practical design that helps people. I don’t get these impractical out there ideas where people just ignore everything about what won’t work as well as science so they can say they are saving the world (like the bicycle with grass in it that will filter all the co2 that cars emit according to the designer but doesn’t contain enough grass to do anything at all.)

The only thing I can think is that this is just a joke.

Good and Bad News: I’m not yet dead

Normally I’d say I hate to disappoint, but in this case I can’t say I am too bothered if someone is disappointed by that.

But let’s bring about an end to this overtly long and unplanned hiatus with some news and commentary.


To start, the NRA is having a banned guns raffle, so depending on where you live you already know there is no point in entering. They have numerous prize choices including an AR-15, a SCAR, an AR-15, an AR-15, a SIG522, an AR-15, an AK STYLE rifle, not an actual AK base, a Tavor SAR, a Remington Model 700, an AR-15, and surprisingly, another AR-15. Oh, and a Winchester Model 70.

Well, some of these AR-15s are extremely radical and do something like have a camo coating on them, or maybe a gas piston.

Which really is only like a not very exciting male singer doing a cover of a not very exciting song by an unexciting female singer. At the end of the day, it’s still very generic and unexciting.

Yes, i’ll say that applies to the model 700 as well, it’s pretty much the same as when it was first introduced.

To be fair to all of those, they are good rifles and the model 700 is extremely good, they’re just well developed and a little dull.

People are turning the AR-15 platform into every conceivable caliber and even using the lower receiver on extremely large rifles. Modularity is nice, but why not just design your own part specifically for the job, especially considering if you use the AR-15 receiver on a 20mm rifle, you’ll still have things like the magazine well and other parts that just are not needed.

It seems that every startup company also goes “We’ll build an AR-15! That’s nice and safe!” They might not be building Olympic biathalon rifles, but why not distinguish yourself and do something crazy and new if you’re going to be a startup?

Time to finish off that rant at the lack of originality on the AR-15 by going and buying one, because they are good rifles with a design that has been steadily improved over the years. maybe I’ll be a little different and go for a clear coating and make the grip, shroud, and stock out of carved redwood with a clear varnish.


Oh, and in good news, the Senate and House have been showing resistance quite openly to the Arms Trade Treaty according to the NRA. Even better, the resistance to the ATT is bipartisan. So honestly, a round of applause for the Senate and House for both parties being able to work together on something.