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A very minor update, as I am feeling ill, and looking at a computer screen is making it worse.

Two blogs added to my favorites, Including Say Uncle and Volk Studio Blog.

Both are quite good and are now blogs I am following regularly. Also, thanks to Linoge for the comment mentioning Say Uncle. I doubt I would have found that blog had it not been mentioned.

Also, blogs have been added to the blogroll, so you can click on them and go read them!


3D printed rifle works as can be expected

Somebody went out and 3D printed an AR-15 receiver. Out of regular plastic, not even polymers used in most firearms or even something like GRP (glass reinforced plastic.)

From Every Day no Days Off and The Firearm Blog.

A writeup is available at The Wiki Weapon Project about the incident.

Best of luck to them for future versions. I for one would like to see this concept succeed. As far as something like a defense contract goes, if they could print out weapon designs in metal or good polymers on a 3D printer, a lot of milling and machining steps could be eliminated from the process, which means that the cost of arms for militaries will decrease, which is good for their budget, good for the taxpayers, and if the weapons work just as well, also good for the soldiers.

As far as the civilian market goes, I predict that acceptance will be far more limited. Mostly, I predict 3D printed guns will be used to show why gun control is not really a successful idea. Secondly, when you tell an American they can’t do or have something, they tend to want it more or try to find a way to do so regardless that exploits a loophole. Most 3D printed civilian arms will likely be people who want to demonstrate the issue with gun control, or just to rub it in more that they, in fact, can go build firearms, and instead of machine tools, they will just go print one out.

I doubt they will see much use beyond being used to make a point. As it stands, people will spend several thousand dollars on a hand made shotgun because it is hand made. Sure, a machine can do a more accurate and more consistent job, but while hand made guns hold appeal and mass produced guns still have appeal, printed guns will most likely not really be accepted by the average shooter.

However, As part of those above predictions, I would say that 3D printed arms would be accepted by the budget shooter. If you could get a pistol of reasonable quality for less than a Hi-Point because it is 3D printed and thus even cheaper to make, what person who has a major budget and wants a gun wouldn’t buy that?

New Kriss K10 Released

Because I don’t suffer Fargosis but still wanted to share this, The Firearm Blog has a nice photo gallery of the Kriss K10 gun.

Honestly, is it a submachine gun? An automatic pistol? A short barreled rifle? I recall that the initial version could fire fully automatic, which a civilian version will naturally be castrated of that particular feature. I am not really sure what category of firearm this particular thing falls under except ‘extremely ugly.’

Plenty of improvements (apart from appearance) over the Kriss Vector, and coupled with the ability to fire the 9x19mm (9mm) and the 11.43x23mm (.45 ACP) round provides plenty of flexibility in cartridge choice. Coupled with the weird way the mechanism recoils that serves to pull the gun down and onto the target, I personally think Kriss has come up with a pretty useful subgun.

Due to the lighter weight, running out of ammo means you couldn’t use it as a melee weapon, but really, just shine your tactical light on it and every enemy will either run away in horror, or surrender to you if you will stop showing that to them.

You could take hostages with an unloaded one, just threaten to show them the gun. The appearance alone will have people running for the porcelain throne.

If it wasn’t castrated for the regular person, I’d imagine most people would be able to get over the looks (mainly by buying blindfolds or just letting their eyes melt by looking at it) for lots of full-auto low-recoil fun. Expensive fun, but fun nonetheless.

Sunday Question

In California, .50 BMG rifles are specifically banned by name. You cannot have any weapon that fires the .50 BMG round, and there is no provision to let the Destructive Device permit cover it, as that only covers weapons firing fixed ammunition of greater than .60 caliber.

So why is it that the police can’t have them (no company will sell them to California LEOs) and the California government can’t have them (for the same reason) and weapon rental places for Hollywood movies can’t have them (by law) and I can’t have one (by law) then why do the Mythbusters get one?

Only the .50 BMG is banned by name, and for all intents and purposes, anything that is NFA is banned as well. Theoretically, CA will allow you to have NFA weapons, but in practice, the permits are NOT given unless you rent the weapons for use in Hollywood movies. Despite the law saying regular civilians can own them with the permit, they won’t actually give you the permit.

So, only the .50 BMG is banned…so I may as well go out and buy a Boys Anti-Tank rifle in .55 caliber. That just happens to not be .50 BMG, but also not the unattainable NFA destructive device. Or how about a PTRS, in (roughly) .57 caliber, firing semi-automatic and with a ten round magazine. Under California law, that is totally allowed. Yet a bolt action .50 BMG isn’t, nor is a bolt action .60 rifle. Yet the more dangerous PTRS is allowed (it has a reputation for being very intolerant of people who don’t keep a good grip on it. It has been known to break shoulders.)

The .50 BMG cartridge is a 12.7x99mm round. That is the .50 BMG, no other 12.7mm round is a .50 BMG, despite sharing the same diameter. Does that mean the 12.7x108mm round is acceptable to have a rifle chambered for in California? The law says .50 BMG is banned, not every .50 caliber weapon (I believe the .50 AE Desert eagle is allowed in California.)

The 12.7×108 is a bit bigger, has a heavier bullet, and holds more powder. Given that, it tends to have  The lightest load of the 12.7x99mm is a 42g bullet that delivers roughly 17,000 Joules. The lightest load of the 12.7x108mm is a 52g bullet that delivers roughly 19,000 Joules.

Given that performance data, which would you say is more dangerous?


Note: Bullet weight is displayed in grams. When possible, I prefer to sue metric measurements for simplicity.

To give you an idea, 1 Joule is a force of one Newton-meter, or the force of one Newton applied over a distance of one meter. A Newton is the force required to accelerate a 1 kilogram object at a rate of one meter per second squared. The beauty of the metric system (properly referred to as Le Système international d’unités as the metric system has been replaces by the SI system) is that by knowing one measurement, you can determine practically anything else. Do you have 1 mL of water? 1 mL is 1 cubic centimeter. 1 cc of water is 1 gram. If you have 1L of water, you have 1Kg of water.

Far better than trying to figure out how many Hogsheads a person running at 1 Furlong per Fortnight will consume.

I think I seriously took up half of my post discussing the SI system. Forget raising the bar, I’ll apparently set it so low that doing anything can be considered an achievement.

My favorite gun blog(s)

Because what I want to do can best be describes as ‘as little as possible’ I am being really lazy and just listing off my favorite gun blog(s) and why you should read it/them.

My number one favorite is Forgotton Weapons.

What they do is they always have some sort of new (new post, not new guns) that are almost always interesting. How about a chain gun muzzleloader? Yup, you load several chambers up, unscrew the barrel, cock the hammer (which rotates the chain) and tighten the barrel. Then you can shoot it. Or perhaps you would want to hear about what the worst machine gun is. Hint: the Breda Model 30 is their suggestion for a serious contender. Another hint: they point out that the Chauchat is not actually that bad, and that the reason you think it is is that the U.S. model in .30-06 that was absolutely awful was written about as being the standard Chauchat. Some writer didn’t differentiate, and it has stuck since then. Oops.

Other favorites in no particular order include:

Walls of The City

I have a lot of respect for Linoge and the Walls of The City blog. As far as gun rights blogs go, that has to be one of the most well-written and well-informed blogs out there. Plenty of blogs state all sorts of arguments that pro-rights people have used, while Linoge actually takes crime data from sources like the FBA as well as data on background check run, and actually has calculated out that there is a negative correlation between gun ownership and crime. As gun ownership climbs, crime is decreasing. The posts there are intelligent, and actually researched.

Some posts that I suggest reading from Walls of The City:

The Firearm Blog is another favorite of mine.

Mainly, they are my trusted source for product news and other interesting, albeit far more mainstream posts. Nothing really out of the ordinary, but they are a very good source to hear about what is going on more in product news than hearing about your favorite bloggers recent range trip.

Finally, my final favorite to list (for now) is Every Day No Days Off.

They have every single bit of interesting firearm and firearm related news, from comedy posts (AR-15 vs. AK-47 vs. Mosin-Nagant) to serious posts about training schools and safety in them. Every Day No Days Off also happens to post lots of youtube videos, and as such, is a very good way to find all sorts of interesting youtube based gun bloggers/vloggers who you would like to follow. Without them , I would have probably never known about people like MrColionNoir, or fxhummel1, or Chaos311Clarity.

That ends this post. Hopefully I posted within the obligatory time limit from the previous post to actually keep my audience of one still around.

And as an extra special treat just for you, I know what you google searched to find this website, pervert. You should be ashamed.

Second Amendment Foundation : Illegal Mayors Against Guns

A new ad campaign from the Second Amendment Foundation has been announced against the Mayors Against Illegal Guns group. What is it? Well, they are showing that a sizable percentage of the mayors in MAIG have been arrested for plenty of crimes.


The ad can be seen here:


The First Post

In the news today, some pictures a woman posted of herself at the Tomb of The Unknown Soldier has people on the internet trying to get her fired.

Disrespectful? Yes. Something that should not be posted online? Probably. Free Speech? It doesn’t violate Clear and Present Danger, she didn’t threaten the President, and there wasn’t Imminent lawless Action.

Is it suddenly against the law to be rude?

In short, her actions were rude and disrespectful, not only to the deceased but to the families of the deceased and any other people visiting Arlington.

Given that members of my family have served in the armed forces from the Revolutionary war up to, and including WWII, I myself am offended by her actions.

However, I would rather live in a country where someone can express an opinion, even a disliked one, freely. Isn’t that what this country was founded on?

Besides, wouldn’t it be more productive to do something about, oh say perhaps genocide, instead of trying to get a woman fired because she uploaded pictures of her being rude to Facebook?

Let the flames begin in 3…2…1…